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Private Labelling with Rainshadow Labs

If you have been following my blogue, you know that La Petite Maison Blanche came about as an extension of our Bed & Breakfast, Sea Cliff Gardens B&B.  I want to share a story with you about private labeling, the importance of working with an ethical company to help facilitate a vision and a company called Rainshdow Labs.

I wanted to find a company that exhibited good manufacturing practices, was sustainable and environment conscious and did not use animals in the testing of their products.  The last, animal testing, being the most important component.  This turned out to be a difficult task in that most large skin care companies that offer private labelling services don’t check all of these boxes, and many do test on animals.  After much research, I found a company close to home, in Saint Helens, Oregon called Rainshadow Labs.  Not only did they meet all of my requirements for the quality products that I wanted to offer our guests, but they are also Organically Certified.   

Working with a company to produce a private label product can be a very daunting process, especially if you are with a large corporate skin care conglomerate.  I was extremely fortunate to find this fantastic small company, right in our own back-yard.  Rainshadow Labs truly practices what they preach and stand behind your products as fiercely as their own.  Among their many stellar qualifications, Rainshadow Labs does not test on animals, offers vegan formulas, uses sustainable raw materials and sustainable practices, uses recycled packaging, shipping and marketing products as well as biodegradable products.  It is powered with 100% renewable wind energy, and best of all, is Women Owned and Operated!

Not only was the quality of my product something I was beyond proud to offer our guests, but I have also enthusiastically recommended this company to other early skin entrepreneurs and other B&B’s looking to offer something special to their guest.  I am proud to be an advocate for a company such as Rainshadow Labs and my products embody their purity and their ethos.