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Finding Home Farms-Homespun Maple Syrups and So Much More!

Welcome to Finding Home Farms

We are so glad you have joined us. We are Laura and Dana, and along with our daughters, we live in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Finding Home Farms is a brand built on the belief that connection and a sense of home are essential to our lives. We understand the value of gathering around a welcoming table and creating lasting memories.

Located in the picturesque Hudson Valley of New York, our maple farm, cafe, and market, known as The Sugarhouse, is a well-kept secret in the heart of the woods. As a family-owned operation, we take pride in offering the finest organic maple syrup straight from our farm to your table. Our product range extends beyond maple syrup, encompassing 100% soy candles, pantry essentials, and home decor items that contribute to crafting a warm and inviting space.

What sets us apart is our commitment to sourcing and producing all our products within the USA. From the purity of our organic maple syrup to the diverse flavors of our pantry offerings, from the quality of our soy candles to the carefully curated home decor, we prioritize excellence in everything we create.

At Finding Home Farms, we aim to make life sweeter. Our vision extends beyond delivering products; we strive to inspire and provide ideas to make opening your home to friends and family easy. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere in your home or seeking a thoughtful gift, we offer the perfect ingredients for a welcoming home.

By choosing Finding Home Farms, retailers and consumers align themselves with a brand that values quality, authenticity, and a shared sense of home. Welcome to Finding Home Farms, we make life sweeter.

Working Hard Towards The American Dream

Finding Home Farms initially started as a blog in 2010, where Laura happily shared decorating ideas and DIY projects. While Laura was trying to figure out the world of blogging, Dana was stressed and run down doing the corporate gig. He traveled the globe in a great job, but he was never home.  In 2015, the Putnam family decided it was time to start a new path by returning to their roots.   Dana grew up on a dairy farm in New Hampshire, and his favorite time of the year was the six weeks of “sugaring” when they made maple syrup.

For 14 years, the Putnams were “backyard sugar makers,” crafting just enough syrup to share with neighbors and friends. Those six weeks were always the happiest. And now they’ve turned sugar making into a full-time career, going for the BIG dream – making a life AND a living doing what they love best – crafting maple syrup and creating a welcoming home.